About Me

It’s so hard to write about yourself.  I mean really, who am I?  Well…. I’m me.  I’m a mom of two kidlets.  Little Miss is 4 and Little Mister is 2.  They keep me busy and messy.  I am also a mom to three furbabies.  Max the crazy 1 year old yellow lab. The Big Kitty (laziest cat on earth) and the Chloe Roo aka the little kitty (she thinks she is a dog).  I am a Starbucks girl – currently drinking an whatever my awesome barista Brian makes for me. My all time fav drink is the mint chocolate chip ice cream frap. I love the Vancouver Canucks, crappy tv shows, being outside, sparkling things and flip flops.

I just discovered my love for baking after seeing a friend post a picture of a sour cream chocolate cake on facebook and thinking “Why can’t I do that?” and so I made a cake, then another cake and then another cake.  Well… you get the picture.  I wanted to write about my experiences as a novice baker.  This blog will grow as I grow as a baker and a picture taker.

I live on the west coast of Canada in a suburb of Vancouver.  A place where in the summer no one has air conditioning at home and in the winter no one owns “real” winter boots.  We do have umbrellas, which get more milage than our cars.

I bake what we eat, from what we have, from scratch and with love.

I hope you will stick around for the ride.