All-Clad D5 Vs Copper Core: Which One is the Best Cookware Set

If you’re looking for a set of stainless steel cookware, you might have probably encountered the All-Clad. The brand is quite popular in the cooking industry because of its several lines of kitchen appliances, cooking tools, bakeware, and all-around cookware.

Two of their most famous cookware sets are the All-Clad D5 and the All-Clad Copper Core, and you can say these are such crowd favorites too! From the get-go, you’ll notice that both of these have high-quality features to offer. If you’ve been eyeing these two cookware models and you’re confused as to what to choose, look no further because we’ve got your back!

In this article, we’re going to make an All-Clad D5 VS Copper Core comparison to help you decide which one to get for your kitchen. Read on to get to know more about these cooking products!

All-Clad D5 Cookware Set: Overview

This cookware set utilizes 5 layers of bonded stainless steel to provide you with outstanding durability, making the inclusions last a long time in the kitchen. It also uses conductive aluminum layers to spread the heat more evenly for better cooking processes.

Each of the stainless steel layers plays a different role. The exterior layers of the pans and pots protect them from damages like scratch and corrosion. The inner steel layers give an excellent cooking surface to help you maintain and clean it with ease. It’s also non-stick, so you don’t have to worry about stubborn stains or stuck food remnants when cooking.

This cookware set comes in 4 packages: 14, 10, 7, and 5 pieces of pots and pans per pack.

All-Clad Copper Core: Overview

The Copper Core model from All-Clad is almost the same as the D5. It has 5 layers of stainless steel as the base on both of its exterior and interior surfaces, so you can expect to cook smoothly on this set as well.

The difference between this cookware set from D5 and the rest of the cookware sets from All-Clad is the addition of a copper layer to stainless steel layers. There are also copper core rings around the side of each pot and pan in the set, which indicates the copper-layered model.

With the extra layer of copper in the material, the set guarantees you more even and smooth heat distribution on the surface to cook food at best. However, this feature’s downside is that the pots and pans don’t have a non-stick component, unlike those in the D5 set. This means that you’ll need to smear some oil avoid burnt or stuck food on the pots and pans.

The All-Clad Copper Core comes in 3 different sets: 14, 10, and 7 pieces of pots and pans.


Similarities Between the All-Clad D5 and the Copper Core

If you looked more into these cookware sets, you’d find that they share several similarities with different factors. Find out more below!

Base Construction

Both the D5 and the Copper Core sets are constructed with 5-ply bonded layers. The D5 is made of a combination of stainless steel and aluminum layers, while the Copper Core has stainless steel and copper layers. The stainless steel sheets guarantee long-lasting durability and premium-feel among the pots and pans. On the other hand, both the aluminum and copper layers provide excellent heat conduction for even distribution.

Metal Bond

As mentioned, the D5 and Copper Core cookware sets are both made of 5 layers of two different metals on top of each other; the stainless steel layers, which are non-reactive, are settled on the exterior and interior parts of the cookware. With either the aluminum or copper layer in between, heat transfer throughout the pots and pans is even.

Induction Safety

Cookware from other brands can’t withstand heat from the oven or the broiler, and this is what sets these All-Clad cookwares apart from them. If you bake or use a broiler for cooking meals, you won’t worry about using both D5 and Copper Core because it can resist heat as high as 600F. Additionally, the cookware sets from All-Clad utilize ferromagnetic 400 series for the stainless steel layers.

Handles and Lids

The All-Clad D5 and Copper Core have stainless steel lids and handles that are durable enough for oven use and long cooking sessions. The handles are large enough so that you can hold the pots and pans with comfort and ease as you cook.


Both of these cookware sets feature a few dishwasher safe features. Still, All-Clad highly suggests that the pots and pans are washed by hand using a warm soapy water solution. Harsh dishwashing detergents that contain high percentages of acidic ingredients might corrode the exterior base of the cookware.


Like the other cookware and kitchen tools from All-Clad, the D5 and Copper Core sets are supported with a limited lifetime warranty for your benefit.


Differences Between the All-Clad D5 and the Copper Core

In this section, we will talk about the differences that set the D5 apart from Copper Core. While you may have noticed that the following factors are much less than the similarities, we think these points can greatly affect your choices.

Core Layer

The metal layers used on the D5 and Copper Core are conductive metals, namely aluminum and copper; however, only one can provide you a cooking benefit. Sure, both aluminum and coppers can deliver excellent heat conduction throughout the pots and pans. But the Copper Core set doesn’t come with a non-stick feature, unlike the D5 with its aluminum layer. This factor creates a huge difference in terms of ease in cooking.

Exterior Finishing

It’s important to note that both the D5 and the Copper Core cookware collections have stainless steel exteriors. The difference is that the D5 has a premium look on its surface because of its brushed and polished outer face. On the other hand, the Copper Core also has a polished finish, but it has a copper ring on each of the pots and pans included in the package.


When you look at the D5 and the Copper Core prices, both come at very expensive costs. Still, you’ll observe that the Copper Core has a higher price, and it’s because of the copper material used on each pot and pans. Alternatively, the aluminum layer still delivers impressive heat conduction in the pans and pots. Assess your budget carefully when it comes to this factor.


Final Thoughts

Both of these All-Clad sets are worthy of being included in your kitchen; however, you need to consider a few things if you were to pick one. If you want to go for a set that gives off such a premium look while guaranteeing high-quality cookware, opt for the All-Clad D5. On the other hand, you’d want to get the Copper Core if you’re going to cook on a professional level because of its copper conduction feature.

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